Blood On The Dance Floor..The TRUTH

This is not a hate blog by any means. This is simply people sharing their stories. There are women out there who want to step forward, who have felt victimized and harassed by Dahvie. These are their stories. If you have a story feel free to hit Submit. If you don't know how to do it, hit Ask and I will submit it for you.

Attacking Teenaged Girls is the new “cool” these days

This girl I happen to know personally..she is only 13 years old.

No one here is shit talking nor are they even saying anything hateful. The person who mentioned Ronnie was correct, Ronnie is indeed having a baby with his girlfriend. Shyla was merely speaking truth, Dahvie has been blocking people who are his fans for NO REASON other than that they are also New Years Day fans. It’s like he doesn’t want to “Share” his fans. Tasha was trying to get Dahvie to unblock Tyler Misery, whom stood up for Dahvie the night BEFORE Dahvie blocked him. I actually watched Tyler go off on a girl who was hating on Dahvie and even called Dahvie his friend. The next day, Tyler was blocked. Doing the time for no crime.

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