Blood On The Dance Floor..The TRUTH

This is not a hate blog by any means. This is simply people sharing their stories. There are women out there who want to step forward, who have felt victimized and harassed by Dahvie. These are their stories. If you have a story feel free to hit Submit. If you don't know how to do it, hit Ask and I will submit it for you.

Dahvie Vanity Allegation Roundup


So where do we begin with Dahvie Vanity? Accusations of inappropriate and illegal behavior date back years, and yet the guy never seems to receive punishment. He was arrested back in 2009 for the alleged statutory rape of a 15 year old girl, but she was bullied and pressured into retracting her statement.


And there have been a series of accusations from underage girls online


This girl’s account has since been suspended, but at the time she was, of course, bombarded with fan hate


Here’s an old cap from stickydrama, thanks to the waybackmachine


Here’s a video of him splashing a child in the face with some sort of drink and then licking it off.

Most recently there was an accusation by a tumblr user of him luring her into a bathroom under the false pretense of wanting her to “straighten his hair” where he proceeded to try to molest her, and that he also tried to molest her friend.


There is a series of twitpics which cap their text conversations and a perceived threat by Dahvie


Links to the originals 1 2 3 4 5

Here is a youtube video where a woman talks about him cheating on his girlfriend while she was on tour with him, and discussing him sleeping with underage girls. Read the description of the video for her texts with him. Also notice the comments section is full of fans berating her for speaking out, which is typical every time someone speaks out against him.

He treats his fans like sex vending machines, calling them teases when they refuse him sex.

He also posted a video to youtube (which has since been deleted and mirrored by another person) showing him degrading a drunk woman (age unknown) and just generally acting like a great role model foul individual.

He encourages flashing by his audience and strips on stage… maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if his shows weren’t ALL AGES and catering almost exclusively to teenagers.

Many former tour mates and a former band member have spoken out against him, accusing him of messing around with underage girls and bullying. 

From Jeffree Star


Dahvie responded to the accusations on stickam and, as usual, he claimed Jeffree was lying and everyone is “out to destroy them,” and “seeking attention.”

videos 1 2

Tweets at Daniel Lucas


And tweets by him


Here is the tumblr post by Ash Costello of New Years Day (this is a long post, she is apparently looking into taking legal action against him so she deleted the post, for a larger size click here)


A merch guy for NYD also spoke out about problematic behavior he witnessed.


And here is an account from a friend of the band discussing Dahvie’s verbally abusive behavior toward Ash and random people back stage.


And Lady Nogrady (an artist who was featured on some of their songs) spoke out in the July issue of Lemonade Magazine



And finally, the most well know story of Blood on the Dance Floor, the Jessi Slaughter scandal.

Since this is pretty much internet common knowledge, I’ll be relatively brief. Jessi Slaughter was an 11 year old fan who claimed that Dahvie Vanity had slept with her and received a huge backlash from both BOTDF fans and 4chan. This entire scandal is googleable, but here is where it gets really ridiculous. Instead of acting like the adults that they are and allow the accusation to play out as it would, BOTDF took this as an opportunity to bully the 11 year old, making a youtube video mocking one of her videosand writing a song calling her out… yes this was a dude in his mid-20s attacking an 11 year old girl… again, great role model. And, as per usual, he did absolutely nothing to encourage his fans to stop attacking her. He is so anti-bullying that he completely ignores the dog piling of teens by his fans on his behalf.

The most ridiculous thing about this is that he takes this anti-bullying stance, yet he has been reported as one of the biggest bullies in his scene. Here’s a video showing his contradictory stance, talking about being anti-bullying, but then flipping off a girl on the side of the stage and calling her a slut. This is her tumblr post on the subject.

Unfortunately, many links to incriminating articles, videos, and confessions are now broken. Between websites going out of business and people being bullied into deleting statements, I can’t share incriminating things such as a video from Garrett Ecstacy, former band member, who told all in a youtube video (thought you can see Dahvie’s response to that here), or the old myspace photo album they used to have that was filled with provocative pictures taken by minors, encouraged by BOTDF lyrics about sending nudes.

Please reblog this with anything I’ve missed (since it’s been five years since I was first alerted to his behavior there is a whole lot that I’ve seen in passing and am forgetting now) and your own personal stories. This is your chance to share your stories. You’re not alone and this bully needs to take some responsibility once and for all. How can one person explain away so many allegations by fans and friends? How can he keep claiming innocence and that “haterz are just jealous?” This needs to be shared and if you have a young relative in your life who worships this scumbag PLEASE show this to their parents. We need to stop putting our preteens/teens in danger.

ETA: Some more links

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